Sensors, Accessories and Consumables

Oximeter sensors help measure oxygen saturation parameters. We develop, manufacture and market approximately 80 variants of sensors - for use on neonates to large adults - under our own brands and as compatibles for other brand oximeters.

Our proprietary, non-invasive reusable and disposable sensors are easy to use and are ideal for a wide range of clinical applications. Our line of reusable pulse oximetry sensors provide continuous monitoring of a patient‘s arterial oxygen saturation, can have multiple applications and can be cleaned between uses. We also sell a range of disposable sensors designed for single use in cases where the risk of cross-contamination is high.

Opto Circuits also manufactures accessories that complement the sensors - high quality extension cables, adapter cables, neo wraps and Y tapes.

We also sell proprietary Water Traps and ComfortCuffs® that are used on our own brand monitors and gas benches. The Water Trap allows for clearing of gas sample blockages not available on other gas monitors. The large reservoir capacity on the Trap holds patient secretions that can occlude gas flow. ComfortCuff® NIBP provides a fast, comfortable blood pressure reading during inflation. Unlike traditional automatic blood pressure devices, this technology senses the systolic pressure during inflation and then quickly deflates.

We sell a range of batteries, defibrillation pads, electrodes, doppler probes and many other accessories and consumables that are used with our diagnostic, monitoring and defibrillation products.

To learn more about our offerings in consumables, please visit our brand websites Criticare Systems, Mediaid and Unetixs Vascular.

Please write to if you are interested in customized consumables for use on your brands.