Cardiac Monitoring Devices

Cardiac monitoring systems, crucial to cardiovascular care, are used by clinicians to assess the presence and severity of cardiac disease and to evaluate the efficacy of treatments such as drugs, interventions, operations and device implants. We develop, manufacture and market a family of advanced diagnostic cardiology devices such as electrocardiograph systems, stress test systems and holter monitoring systems.

Our trusted Burdick® and Quinton® brands include the best-selling ECG/ EKG products for physician offices and hospitals. Our ECG/ EKG system uses the Glasgow algorithm (GRI) to consider clinically significant criteria for more accurate results.

Today, the Quinton® Q-Stress® cardiac stress testing system is the hospital industry's gold standard. The cardiac stress system, winner of multiple awards (most recently Frost & Sullivan's Market Engineering Award) is now in its ninth generation.

When tested against industry-standard Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and American Heart Association (AHA) ECG/ EKG databases, the Burdick® VisionTM Premier Holter System and Burdick® VisionTM Holter System provided beat-detection results with 99.95 percent accuracy.

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