Data Management and Connectivity

Our data management and connectivity products assure more seamless integration between various hospital technologies, more collaboration with professional medical colleagues, better decision support and good relationships with patients. We help our clinicians manage medical data, whatever the environment. With our extensive informatics knowledge, we create solutions that connect to hospital information systems (HIS), electronic medical record (EMR) and other information systems.

Our advanced VascuLink® networking and reporting software is optionally available with any Unetixs noninvasive vascular diagnostic system. Our software enables you to transmit patient studies to a vascular specialist across the hall, across town or across the country to review and interpret test results. The interpreter then can utilize the VascuLink® reporting and networking software to respond with a final report.

Criticare's VitalView® Central Station Software facilitates communication between the central station and Criticare’s patient monitors for continuous, comprehensive patient monitoring. VitalView® displays waveforms and numeric data in real time and generates alarms for immediate notification of critical changes in patient status.

For more information on our products in the domain, please visit Unetixs Vascular and Criticare Systems.