Frequently Asked Questions about Opto Circuits

What are some of Opto Circuits’ key healthcare products?
Opto Circuits and its various subsidiaries offer two types of medical technology products – i) noninvasive medical equipment and consumables and ii) invasive/ interventional devices. The medical equipment business includes such products as vital signs, public access defibrillators, vascular diagnostic equipment, anesthetic gas monitors and pulse oximetry sensors. The interventional devices business focuses on cardiovascular and endovascular products used in minimally-invasive procedures; some of these are bare metal stents, drug-eluting stents and drug-coated balloons. We also offer catheters and implants relevant to the fields of Urology, Gastroenterology, Gynaecology and Orthopedics.

What are some of the other products and services offered by Opto Circuits?
Opto Circuits’ medical technology products make for the company’s largest business segment. The company has also ventured into providing turnkey solutions in building specialty ambulances, modular operation theatres and catheterization laboratories. The company houses small divisions that cater to niche technologies in information systems, global positioning and strategic electronics. A subsidiary of the company was recently incorporated to support Opto Circuits' requirements in infrastructure development.

What constitutes the Opto Circuits Group?
Opto Circuits (India) is the parent organization to twelve wholly-owned and two majority-owned subsidiary companies that deal in different business verticals and are located across US, Europe and Asia. The Opto Circuits Group is a representation of this large family of companies that draw on their individual strengths and local advantages to compete synergistically on a global scale. The term ‘Opto Circuits’ can refer to the standalone entity as well as to the Group. More information on subsidiaries is available here.

When did Opto Circuits come into being?
Opto Circuits was incorporated in 1992.

Where is Opto Circuits headquartered?
Opto Circuits is headquartered in the Silicon Valley of India - Bengaluru (formerly, Bangalore) in the state of Karnataka.

What are some of Opto Circuits’ global locations?
Opto Circuits manufactures out of the US, Malaysia and India. The company’s R&D centres are located in US, Germany and India. Some of the company’s offices outside of India are located in the US, Germany, UK, France and Singapore.

Who heads Opto Circuits?
Vinod Ramnani, a first generation entrepreneur and a technocrat, is the Chairman and Managing Director of the company. Please access the Leadership section on the website to know more about Vinod Ramnani and the other people who constitute the top management of the company.

Where can one track the stock price of the company?
The common stock of the company is listed on the Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE Code: 532391) and on the National Stock Exchange (NSE Symbol: OPTOCIRCUI). Please visit the stock exchange websites for regular updates on the stock price.

Are healthcare products sold under the Opto Circuits’ brand?
Opto Circuits is a reputed corporate brand and is known to our OEM partners from across the globe. The subsidiary companies are custodians of the product brands and products are made available in hospitals and clinics under such brand names as DIOR®, nGenuityTM etc. Commercial representations are also made under subsidiary brands such as Eurocor, Criticare Systems, Cardiac Science, etc.

Where are Opto Circuits’ healthcare products available?
Most Opto Circuits’ healthcare products are US FDA listed and/ or CE-marked. They are available for sale in more than 150 countries, spanning North America, South America, Europe, Asia and Africa.

How does one buy Opto Circuits’ healthcare products?
If you are an individual buyer or a distributor interested in buying our products, please access the product segment of your choice on this website and use the link provided at the end of each section to visit the website of the subsidiary that sells the product - here, you will find contact information of the sales teams in your region. Alternatively, you could write to and we will forward your enquiry to the right team in the Group. If you are interested in exploring an OEM relationship with us, please send your business enquiry to

What is the annual turnover of the company and where can one access financial details for the last 12 months?
Opto Circuits’ financial year starts on 1st April and ends on 31st March of the following year. For financial year-ending March 31st 2013, Net Sales is at Rs. 2397.60 crores. Details on past financials can be accessed through the Quarterly Reports and Annual Reports on this website.