The four people who founded Opto Circuits - Vinod Ramnani, Thomas Dietiker, Jayesh Patel and Usha Ramnani - are at the helm of all important affairs in the company. Their unique strengths and domain expertise, coupled with a common flair for entrepreneurship, has created a team that has been instrumental in creating one of Asia's most well-known medical device companies.

Vinod Ramnani 

Vinod Ramnani has been known for his strategic acumen that has been one of the key factors for the outstanding ascend of Opto Circuits over the past decade. Based out of Opto Circuits' headquarters in Bengaluru, India, his direction has been successful in effectively integrating acquired companies and product lines across the globe. His complete involvement with business on a daily basis has ensured that processes and operations are in tandem with the Group's ambitious plans and goals.

He worked in the United States with companies manufacturing electronic products before he finally came to India to found Opto Circuits. He holds a Bachelors Degree in Mechanical Engineering from Manipal Engineering College, Karnataka, India.

Thomas Dietiker 

Thomas Dietiker has been spearheading the inorganic growth strategy pursued by Opto Circuits in the last decade. He has been responsible also for the implementation of new engineering designs and product marketing plans for a wide range of opto-electronic products within the Group. He leads teams across the Group to forge, maintain and renew important OEM relationships.

Thomas holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Electronics Engineering from the Technical Institute of Wintherthur, Switzerland. He resides in the Los Angeles area, California, USA.

Jayesh Patel

Jayesh Patel has been instrumental in the product design and conception of many Opto-electronic products that have established Opto Circuits as a leader and the 'sole source supplier' for many large OEMs. He has been the guiding force behind the rapid technological innovations that have allowed the company to penetrate various markets and harbor key customer and distributor partnerships.

He holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Electronic Engineering from the National Institute of Technology, Anaheim, USA. He resides in the Los Angeles area, California, USA.

Usha Ramnani

Usha Ramnani spearheads the strategic human resources initiatives, practices and operations supporting our diverse and multicultural employee base spread across the world. She has helped build Opto Circuits into an organization that delivers value to the employees while driving business results and growth.

Prior to joining Opto Circuits, she worked with United India Insurance. She has a Master's degree in commerce from Pune University, India. She resides in Bengaluru, Karnataka, India.