Our Philosophy

We are a family of technocrats, entrepreneurs, scientists, engineers and many others spread across the globe espousing a common goal to positively affect standards and devices used in health measurement, monitoring, diagnostics and treatment.

We love that our job involves designing and producing products that save lives and that help caregivers do their jobs better.

We are committed to innovation that offers actual solutions to modern clinical issues and that can make healthcare affordable without compromising on the quality and efficacy of the technology used.

We enjoy and encourage teamwork and we've made it our mission to place trust, respect and professionalism at the heart of everything we do.

We value the faith placed in us by our customers, industry partners, investors, employees and regulatory authorities and we are always aware that our first responsibility is towards those who share in our dreams and who invest in realising them.

We are excited to be part of an industry that has a long legacy of technology-aided caring in the developed world and that is now gearing up to embrace the opportunities and challenges presenting themselves in the emerging markets.

Armed with our knowledge, expertise, experience and the support of countless people who encourage us on the way, we are ready with products and services that satisfy the exigencies of modern healthcare systems.