Research & Development

Our business presupposes a dynamism that can envisage and keep up with the evolution of modern healthcare. Our long standing commitment to research and development reinforces our presence in this knowledge-intensive, technology-driven medtech industry.

Every year, we endeavour to bring out new products and products with new features that are designed to complement the changing clinical requirements of our customers. We take great care to ensure that our products are safe, energy-efficient and easy to use and that their functionality enhances the user's own clinical performance.

Our life sciences and engineering teams, working out of 6 facilities in USA, Germany and India, collaborate on projects and leverage on each others' domain expertise. We also join forces with universities and research fellows interested in defining the next generation of medical devices.

Currently, we hold 168 international patents and have many more in the pipeline. Some of our key innovations have been drug-eluting balloons, anesthetic gas benches, combination angioplasty devices and many pulse oximetry sensor technologies.

We welcome views and feedback from our customers and healthcare professionals around the world for the betterment of our products. If you have a suggestion or an idea for the teams at Opto Circuits R&D, please write to