We believe our service quality and policies continue to be one of our key competitive strengths. We provide our customers with after-sales services for our medical equipment and device products through our own and distributor-operated service centers.

Education and Training

Majority of our noninvasive products come with installation and in-service training by factory-trained representatives. For some of our products, we supplement instructions with additional professional education, publications and recommendation of other professional education and certification programs. We offer training classes for end users as well as biomedical teams for certain products. Our top-notch specialists will train you on the software application, administrative functions, clinical workflow, and diagnostic devices. We support and participate in education programs and workshops at various conferences throughout the year. 

Technical Support

When issues arise, you need expert help, fast. Our Technical Support team is ready to troubleshoot issues and facilitate repair or exchange activities when needed. For some products, with a high-speed internet connection, we can remotely access your system to diagnose and address your needs. Most problems are resolved quickly and allow you to give the quality care your patients deserve and expect. Our factory-trained technicians understand both the product technologies and the clinical environment. This enables them to work through your issues to get you back up and running as swiftly as possible.

Professional Services

The Professional Services team from Cardiac Science provides the professional project management, processes and resources to meet your implementation requirements. Our Project Manager, along with our implementation and application specialists, works with your IT and clinical staff to identify, schedule and execute implementation milestones.

Turnkey Projects

We provide turnkey solutions in specialty ambulances, modular operation theatres (OTs) and cathlabs. We also provide services in information technology, global positioning systems and electronic design automation in India. Please visit AMDL for more information.

To know more about our services portfolio in the medical domain, please visit our subsidiary websites: AMDL, Cardiac Science, Criticare Systems, Mediaid and Unetixs Vascular.