Vital Signs Patient Monitors

Vital Signs Patient monitoring equipment measure and display a patient‘s vital signs in inpatient and outpatient conditions. Vital signs monitors give medical personnel an indication about the patient's condition and enable them to evaluate treatment options. The measurements usually consist of pulse oximetry, ECG, noninvasive blood pressure and temperature. Other parameters such as cardiac output, carbon oxide measurement, invasive blood pressure, respiration and anesthetic gas measurement can also be configured into the monitor.

Opto Circuits develops, manufactures and markets approximately 30 variants of proprietary technology based single-parameter, multi-parameter vital signs monitors on both, singular and modular platforms. We manufacture a number of devices that are suitable for adult, paediatric and neo-natal patients that are used, principally, in doctor‘s clinics, surgery centres, hospital intensive care units, operating theatres and emergency rooms.

We also have a wide range of desktop, portable and handheld pulse oximeters and are proud of our portfolio of digital temperature detection technologies.

To know more about our vital signs patient monitoring products, please access our brand websites Criticare Systems, Cardiac Science and Mediaid.